Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Attack of the SnackPack

I left the kitchen while Khage played in the pantry. You think I would have known better. He is tall enough to reach the items on the lowest shelf and he uses his height to his advantage. I come back into the room, not even a few minutes later to find this kid sucking on a butterscotch snackpack. He punctured two holes in the foil top with his uber sharp baby teeth and proceeded to squeeze the package while sucking out the pudding. I am sure you hear this all the time from parents, but my baby really is a genius. So I rewarded him for his efforts and ability to problem solve.
At less then eleven months old Khagey got to eat his first snackpack.
Then he carelessly tossed it aside and attempted to work on removing the vanilla snackpacks from the shelf. He was feening for it. But at that point Mommy had to intervene.

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