Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eleven Months Old.

A few special facts about our little baguette:
Every long toy is used as an extension of his arm and he uses it to get things out of reach
Rex taught him how to stand up with no assistance from furniture and how to use a sippy cup
He taught Rex how to push food and bottles out of his face when he doesnt want them
He cut his first molar and it was the only tooth that has caused him a fever
When he eats he will remove it from his mouth after it is partially chewed... then finish it off
His biggest grins are caused by simply seeing his Daddy
If he is touching things he shouldn't and we go to take it from him he will attempt to scurry off
He moves way too slow to evade us
He is a little self destructive kid, always purposely smacking his head against the fireplace doors or his highchair
He is off the boob juice and off the bottle
He had his first Thanksgiving dinner and he liked the turkey and stuffing the most
He now walks more then he crawls
He is always grabbing things and shaking them vigorously to check their structural integrity
Daddy is still flinging him around and he is still loving it
He prefers male over female attention
When he was not feeling well on vacation Nana built him a fort and he perked right up
If he is around a dog he will try to get them to lick him in the mouth by opening up wide
He is not even a year yet and he has had over five haircuts
He makes a discard pile on his try where he puts the inedibles
We still cannot move past the fact that this child is ours to keep and he will continue to bless our lives everyday simply by being our baby. We are utterly inlove with him.

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Jason and Brittany said...

The discard pile is my favorite. I can just see his face as he plops piece by piece " Uh, yeah right mom" ... "Fat chance"... "This looks edible but I'm loving how much your hating this so.. (plop)"