Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Go Go Gadget Arm

Khage. Khage. Khage. What ever are we going to do with you? Your always walking around with a stick of some sort. It can be anything with at least an eight inch reach. We call it your GoGoGadget arm. Your always using it to smack things around, beat on the doors, the walls, or tv, knock things off the desk and occasionally you use it to get a spankin. A spankin... because that's your punishment when you hit us with it.
No we don't use the stick to spank him... we go oldschool on his butt. For the newschool folk that means we use our hands.
I am hoping we can break you of this little habit before its kindergarten time. If not I foresee alot of notes being sent home with you that discuss the various ways you attacked other children with long random objects. For now though we say its cute and innocent.
Your all boy and ready for a rumble at anytime.

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