Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Khagey Lately.

This was quite a month. Grandma, Uncle Wes, Auntie Brittany and her girls all came to visit us and it was nice to finally be around some family. Khage got to spend some time with his cousin's Bostyn and Kanon doing whatever kids under the age of four do. Then we road tripped it back to Arizona and met up with the rest of the family. Khage and Rex are finally at the age where they can play together; their version of playing together involves both trying to climb the stairs at the same time and passing toys back and forth in the car. It was such a delight to see Khage around all of his family.
We cannot wait to permanently plant ourselves back in Arizona and it will be family vacation all the time!
 A few highlights from this vacation:
Khage immediately reached for Uncle Wes when he saw him. We don't know if he remembered him from Skype or mistook him for his Daddy. Khage cut his first molar which caused a fever for over four days and a trip to Urgent Care. Bostyn asked me why Khage has "that" pee pee. Nana watched both boys so we could go out to sushi night. Khage got to meet up with his buddy Talon at the park. Rex kept petting Khage like a dog. Khage transitioned from boob juice to whole milk. Uncle Brett made the best stand-in Daddy. Khage walked right past Auntie Lissa to her boyfriend Patrick. Because Khage wasn't feeling good he was finally the cuddly baby I have always dreamed of. When we skyped with Daddy it sent Khage into a frenzy because he couldn't make sense of where Daddy was. We missed our flight back home by just a few minutes. To burn some energy at the airport Mommy tied a blanket around Khages waste and used it like a leash so he wouldn't get too far away.
And Daddy decided we can never take a vacation without him again.

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