Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Remote and Tripod.

Today were taking our family portraits for our Christmas card... and when I say we I mean just Brad, Khage and I. If your familiar with cameras at all you know someone has to hold it and potentially push a button if you hope to actually capture a moment. Well we don't have one of those people, the camera holder and button pusher, and we hope to all be in the shot so we bought a tripod and remote. And to be sure they actually worked the way we hoped we tested these little devices yesterday. What we came up with was very interesting.
Let me set the scene:
Scum Bucket Brad just arrested for urinating in public, Bailiff Khage brings him in for pictures and finger prints, and Officer Jamee is in the background next to the camera and tripod yelling left forward right at the dirty scum.
 Then things just got weird.
That's one sick puppy!

But good to know the tripod and remote work.
Lets just hope the last few pictures are no reflection on family portrait day.

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The Ritchie's said...

All I have to see is once behind bars he will not have any friends!!