Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trash Bag Boy

You may be telling yourself he is just a boy wrapped in a trash bag. 
But you couldn't be more wrong. Trash Bag Boy is so much more then that.
 This boy has moves. Ninja like moves. And with those moves he saves the world.
He saves us all from the infamous villains: Meanie Head, Cootie Man, and the ultimate evildoer Monster Under the Bed.
With the help of his various different weapons of destruction, Tonka truck, lens cap, little yellow saw, and piece of wood, he battles for world peace.
He is Trash Bag Boy, our protector, and as long as he is around we are all safe!

Look Mama I'm a Real Boy.

I feel like I have been waiting forever for Khagey to become a boy.

That came out very wrong!

I just mean that as far as I am concerned he has been... a baby. Let me explain myself: hypothetically if I were to fill out a standard questionnaire at his pediatricians office the form would read Check off the Gender of the Patient it would give not only two options [ ]BOY or [ ]GIRL, there would be a third option titled [ ] BABY. Up until recently I would have always checked baby. But suddenly over night my baby turned into a real boy. A Driving Cars on the Floor, Stacking Blocks Just to Demolish Them Three Seconds Later, and Playing With Legos the Best His Little Hands Can Boy.
Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more then watching these scenes take place. All we need now are some crashing, banging, and zooming sound effects and this mama is gonna be in a complete state of happiness. At least until his boyish play leads to something broken...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hom much longer

do you think I can feed Khage heart shapped sandwhiches before he gets beat up?


Brad and I. That used to be our way of life. Just two of us, living life, doing what we want, together, living as spontaneous as two people with full time jobs can be. We had date nights, watched movies in a  theater from start to finish, ate relaxing meals out of the house, spent time alone... I could go on with this for days.
Then we become a family of three and caught the case of the babysitter paranoia: a disease that no number of nanny cams can cure.
So all of those things we used to do are just ideas that we laugh at now...
Believe me we tried going out to breakfast the other day and we spent the whole time catering to a certain someones needs. Not that this life is any less liveable... in a surfers hang loose kind of way. Its just different. But, we needed a break from our stage five clinger. So Grandma & Grandpa took our little stalker for the night and day and gave us just what we needed for Christmas.
Snowboarding at Sunrise.

Thank you again Mom & Dad.

Don't let me act like it was this schmoopy romantic getaway... Trevor was there.
And we were snowboarding, so Brad wasn't gonna hang out with me for long.
It was a matter of time before he ditched me to go jump jumps or whatever adrenaline junky brothers do.
It was so beautiful and serene. So quiet because almost no one was there. It snowed just enough to be enjoyable. And my husband never ditched me. No, I ditched him to save him from a whole day spent waiting for me to get off my rear or my face. Which ever one I landed on first.
It was perfect.
With only one problem. I missed me baby the whole time.
In fact I missed him so much, I kept eating it and I blame it on the insane level of missing him... I couldn't focus man. Or the problem could have been that I got cocky, was going way to fast for my amateur status, and fell in a way that bent my body into a position that could ward me a place in the circus... after that I was snowboarding on eggshells. And I cant blame it on a lack of warm up because the picture above is just whats going on... me warming up jungle cat style.
And this guy you ask, well he is my first snowman and his name was Herbert or Bob or Clingy. I don't remember but we crafted him at a gas station before heading home and let him ride shotgun on the front of the tahoe to see just how long this guy would stick around. He hung out with us for over an hour and well past 60 mph. So he officially replaced Khage as our tenacious little third wheel.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lets Party.

Nicole and I have had such dreams of throwing a co party for our little dudes since they were born. And with two little boys who could resist slapping a Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme on it. We served all the fun foods any kiddo could ask for like Yertle The Turtle's Tator Tots, Hop On Pop Patties (or what grownups call Hamburgers), and Lots and Glotz of Macaroni. And my personal favorite: Horton's Cheese Specs, but they were really just your average store cheese balls- oh yes I knocked it out of the clever park with that one... because Horton walks around with a orange spec that he claims is a microscopic community and it looks like a cheese ball... haha I still get a kick out of it.
But enough is enough. Back to the party.
Nicole also decorated her Christmas tree to look like she snatched it right out of Whoville. Which by the way I never took a picture of. Drat, I hate when I forget to document everything!
Overall I am going to mark this party off as a success and thank everyone who shared this special day with us and our two favorite little one year olds.
In the words of Dr. Seuss STOOPENDOUS!

(By the way, yes this is the last post about Khage turning one... I managed to turn this one milestone into at least four posts. I think he will appreciate it when he's older... or if he reads this in his teens and I am still too obsessed with him for his liking he may throw this in my face when I confront him after he comes home with a lip piercing and a sorry attitude about lack if independence. I mean come on Mom you have been obsessed with me since I was born, literally a whole blog devoted to raising me and four posts about my first birthday, give it a rest already... ).

No Khage I will not.

12 Months.

A few special facts about our little baguette:
He will finally hold hands with us when we're walking around but he won't let you touch his hands otherwise
I have to check the trash can a few times a day to be sure he didn't throw away any of his toys
When he hears a dog bark sometimes he will mimic it with a cute little "oof oof" and it always throws us into proud parent mode
He loves playing in Daddy's garage with all the foreign tools and dangerous chemicals
I just relocated his books out of his reach because he just realized the pages are tearable
He is out of nowhere starting to get sweet little baby curls in the back of his hair
He will try and blow out candles, flashlights and light bulbs
His face when trying to blow these things out is very comparable to Popeye the Sailor Man
He hates to be away from home, which makes running errands troublesome
He would walk by the Christmas tree and just stand next to it and admire the beautiful lights
But now he yanks off ornaments and when we go to reprimand him he hands them to us like he just found them somewhere and he's trying to be helpful
We think he is going to grow into an outdoorsy guy with a goofy personality who loves to fix stuff and who eats strictly to survive
He does a little Stevie Wonder Impression, he closes his eyes and sways back and forth with such soul
When he gets frustrated he smacks himself in the side of the head
He tries to run but he always gets going way too fast for his legs to keep up and he ends up eating it hard
He is finally at the age where he crawls around pushing cars
He thinks it is funny when he beats on the dogs with his toys... we do not
Random things he finds on the floor still go right into his mouth, which is ironic because he is the pickiest eater ever
Climbing into things and dumping things out are kinda his thing
Watching him grow from a baby to a toddler has been the most amazing experience of our lives. We can still remember the day we brought him home and the very fears that kept us awake. We will never forget the tiny moments that mean nothing to most people but make up the bulk of our memories as his parents. And forever will we hold close to us the natural way in which we learned to love him... our baby so tiny, pure and beautiful. This past year has been full of such tender moments that we will never let go of because he is what turned us, two people, into a family.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Birthday in Pictures.

Khagey had just woken up from his nap and needed some time to ease into party mode.
And like Daddy, he fought me on the partyhat wearing.
So this party was not off to a raging start.
But then the present came out, and nothing turns a party around like a freshly wrapped present.
Which Khage opened all by himself.
He is pretty much into paper tearing, so this is exactly what he has been training for!
We then ate a yummy diner of pulled pork sandwiches and cheesy tator tot cassarole.
(Get the oh so delicious recipes here and here.)
Then Mommy set up for cake smash time. And boy oh boy did this ONE year old think he was cool... and let me tell you he was that cool.
Believe it. I was there.
Then Khagey terrorized his cake with a fork.
(Wanna make this vibrant playdoe colored moisty sodapop cake? Click here.)
Khage rockin his "say my age" look.
And this our friends is what you get when you give a ONE year old free range on a birthday cake.
Safe to say he had a lot of fun... and we had a lot of cleaning up to do.
Khagey wanted Teddy to wear a partyhat.
And what our birthday boy wants our birthday boy gets!
It truly was a wonderfully fun first birthday.

Cake Smash.

From the moment we set him down he was in it to win it. He immediatly shoved little by little into his mouth and grinned at the loads full sugar that we willing let him consume.

Then he was over it. And the moment was no longer titled Cake Smash but instead Cake Tracks All Over the Kitchen. Bright playdoe colored cake footprints all over the place. We then had to persuade him to go back for seconds and thirds. But eventually he demolished the thing... and I planted his booty right on top of it as the grand finale. It was a wonderful end to a great birthday!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Letter To My Baby.

Dear Khage,
I cant believe we made it through a whole year in what felt like less then six months. I wish someone would have told me kids grow up fast. Get it... because everyone says that business! And funny because it is always said, from the minute a baby slides out and yet no one person has figured out a potion to make this happen. I will work on inventing this and stop your growth dead in its tracks... after you learn how to wipe your own butt.

This has really been an incredible journey... being a Mother is my profession, my talent, my happiness, my duty and I am so utterly thankful. I learned a whole new and deeper love and the intensity of it often brings my heart to ache. Sometimes I cant sleep because I fear for the day that you are not by my side, most days I stare at you and wonder how I could have made something so amazingly perfect with a smile that yanks on my heart strings, and whenever you look at me I wonder if you know the extent of the love Daddy and I have for you. If it was money my boy, you could buy all the cheerios, chicken and cheese your little heart could ever desire.

You were a good baby, always sleeping well and rarely crying. You helped ease me into motherhood and I am so gracious for that. Many of your firsts are gone, but honey baby we still have so many more to share. I eagerly wait for the moment that MomMom leaves your lips.

Thank you for this beautiful year of all of us learning together. You made me a Mommy, my husband a Daddy and both of us the happiest we have ever been. I am so inlove with you KhageyBaby and I hope you always feel this love.

Happy First Birthday.

To the moon and back fifteen times over,