Friday, December 23, 2011


Brad and I. That used to be our way of life. Just two of us, living life, doing what we want, together, living as spontaneous as two people with full time jobs can be. We had date nights, watched movies in a  theater from start to finish, ate relaxing meals out of the house, spent time alone... I could go on with this for days.
Then we become a family of three and caught the case of the babysitter paranoia: a disease that no number of nanny cams can cure.
So all of those things we used to do are just ideas that we laugh at now...
Believe me we tried going out to breakfast the other day and we spent the whole time catering to a certain someones needs. Not that this life is any less liveable... in a surfers hang loose kind of way. Its just different. But, we needed a break from our stage five clinger. So Grandma & Grandpa took our little stalker for the night and day and gave us just what we needed for Christmas.
Snowboarding at Sunrise.

Thank you again Mom & Dad.

Don't let me act like it was this schmoopy romantic getaway... Trevor was there.
And we were snowboarding, so Brad wasn't gonna hang out with me for long.
It was a matter of time before he ditched me to go jump jumps or whatever adrenaline junky brothers do.
It was so beautiful and serene. So quiet because almost no one was there. It snowed just enough to be enjoyable. And my husband never ditched me. No, I ditched him to save him from a whole day spent waiting for me to get off my rear or my face. Which ever one I landed on first.
It was perfect.
With only one problem. I missed me baby the whole time.
In fact I missed him so much, I kept eating it and I blame it on the insane level of missing him... I couldn't focus man. Or the problem could have been that I got cocky, was going way to fast for my amateur status, and fell in a way that bent my body into a position that could ward me a place in the circus... after that I was snowboarding on eggshells. And I cant blame it on a lack of warm up because the picture above is just whats going on... me warming up jungle cat style.
And this guy you ask, well he is my first snowman and his name was Herbert or Bob or Clingy. I don't remember but we crafted him at a gas station before heading home and let him ride shotgun on the front of the tahoe to see just how long this guy would stick around. He hung out with us for over an hour and well past 60 mph. So he officially replaced Khage as our tenacious little third wheel.

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