Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trash Bag Boy

You may be telling yourself he is just a boy wrapped in a trash bag. 
But you couldn't be more wrong. Trash Bag Boy is so much more then that.
 This boy has moves. Ninja like moves. And with those moves he saves the world.
He saves us all from the infamous villains: Meanie Head, Cootie Man, and the ultimate evildoer Monster Under the Bed.
With the help of his various different weapons of destruction, Tonka truck, lens cap, little yellow saw, and piece of wood, he battles for world peace.
He is Trash Bag Boy, our protector, and as long as he is around we are all safe!

1 comment:

Fressia said...

Jamee - you are the ultimate of fun inventive moms. And what's even more amazing about being the world's most kid-like creative mom in the world, is that you're so darn good at that the mothering stuff too.
Dually impressed am I.