Monday, January 23, 2012

Dooty Booty

I am so excited to say I got to use cloth diapers. This along with many other dreams I had, like a natural birth, were later replaced with more convenient options.
Lets start from the beginning:
Do you know why kids love cuties? I think the package says something about them being small little oranges that are easy to peel
Do you know why parents love cuties? Because sometimes they get tired of their kid always wanting unhealthy finger foods and cuties are a pretty good alternative.

Now fast forward.
Khage got hooked on these cuties. He was eating three to four of these little oranges a day. If he saw one on the counter he would just point at them all E.T style. This led to citrus acidity overload, that's not the proper diagnosis but I think its pretty close.
To sum up the side effects: lots and lots of diarrhea.
Yes, this post is about the squirts, the trots, dysentery.
Pick which ever one makes you the least uncomfortable.
He was going through diapers like every half hour... and man that's alot of money in the trash covered in crap.
So there you have it, we put that cute dooty covered booty in cloth diapers for the rest of the day.
 I wont lie to you, it was a tough job... it quickly went from look how cute he looks in these to ahhh can you friggin youtube how to put these stinkin things on him right they keep falling off!!!
 And don't judge my on my diaper folding technique... those little buggers are hard to get on a wiggling toddler all the while trying not to stick him with a pretty sharp looking pin. Ya the outside of those pins are all cute with monkeys and little yellow ducklings but darn you open those suckers up and they get fierce real fast. I guess its a miracle that Brad convinced me to use disposables on him because the business of cloth diaper just ain't any of my business anymore.

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