Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways.

This is a post about nothing and absolutely everything at the same time.
This video doesn't highlight any major accomplishes or achievements, unless you count his insane level of adorableness as an achievement. I know I do. It is simply put: a video of Khage at home being Khage, and those are the moments that I will miss the most once he grows up and only stops at home for a change of clothes and his allowance. Jokes on him, he wont be getting an allowance.

 I love the way he throws his toys around in quick little rages, or the way mumbles of words escape his lips, and the way those mumbles to him sound like proper English and we are in fact the ones speaking jibberish, the way his hair always sits so frumpy like, the way a smile from us guarantees a smile from him that's ten times cuter and followed up by a chuckle, the way he gets an urge to smack himself in the head for no apparent reason, the look of his face when he tries to make blowing sounds, the way he wears his Christmas jammies in January, the way he dumps out his toys just to hear them crash to the floor, and lastly the way his personality suits him like a little pair of Elmo slippers; perfectly snug.
Seriously? The face with the jammies and the slippers. That's it he's getting squeezed.

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