Monday, January 23, 2012

Put another burger on the barbie

The weather has been beautiful. Too beautiful for January but were not gonna ask any questions. Were just gonna pack up some foods and head outdoors for a little impromptu barbecue at our local state park.
Brad and I are always smartin off at the mouth about how kids don't ever play outside anymore, but on this day we couldn't have appreciated it more. Aside from one other family, no one was at this park. We were surrounded by empty picnic tables, the sweet sounds of the birds and miles and miles of beautiful Texas scenery.
We relaxed, ate some grub, Khage explored, he minorly burned his hand on the hot barbecue, Mommy overreacted, Daddy calmly handled the situation and we headed home. Its lovely days like this that I wish we lived up on some secluded mountain top with no one within ten miles of our house.
I'm telling ya, if it wasn't for our families we would buy a small little house on the prairie and just live a quiet little life just us and nature.

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