Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This poor kid used to slumber like this; all kicked back, feet up, with the
pacifier stuck in his face

 But then it came time for pesky little New Year's resolutions.

First we pondered potty training.

No we didn't he is way too young, but for the sake of the story lets say we pondered it.

No that wouldn't work. Then our minds went Star-spangled banner. Could he memorize it? Could we film it, post it online and possibly make it on youtube as the Youngest Most Patriotic Baby Ever? We could get a few hits I'm sure and then I could go ahead and cross off becoming a film director as my resolution. It was a festive option, but again too young and his vocabulary hasn't even hit Mama yet, so dang it America get in line.

So the only other valid option was the pacifier. Yes the ginky (pronounced binky with a G instead of a B) had to go. We know we didn't want to play around with loosing it over a long designated drawn out period, we wanted to cold turkey it. Shabang. Whammy. Adios. Sayonara. Are you follow me?

So the first night it was bad. Like trying to convince Brad to not shower after a haircut bad. Screams and yells coming at me with little time for deflection. The putting to bed was fine, but once he woke up an hour later he screamed f o r e v e r. We took turns patting his back, shushing him, and trying our best to comfort him without actually picking him up.

Until Daddy actually picked him up.

Daddy cracked. What a good loving Daddy. Me on the other hand? Eh, when I'm on a mission I'm straight coldhearted. But that sweet loving Daddy brought him into our bed where Khage fell right to sleep. And the next morning I snatched up all those ginkys and they got what was coming to them.

I chopped off all the tips. Enough that he could no longer hold it in his mouth without using his hands. And I gave them back to him saying key phrases like broken, gone, no more. He tried a few more times to use the pacifiers but bloop they would fall right out of his mouth!

And five days later without a single slip up this boy is officially off the wagon.

I think he deserves an award for New Years Resolution completed the quickest.


Jason and Brittany said...

You cold cold woman. You could have at least given him fair warning. He's going to have a complex. You might as well hung it by the ceiling right out of his reach but in clear sight, put a stop light on it, and a speaker on the dresser that keeps repeating "Hah-hah, niner niner, hah hah sucker!" (not literally hes a sucker anymore though) That poor thing. You can't just rip away a comfort, you have to chip (or snip) at it away slowly. You better pray that boy doesn't have attachment issues that surface in a few years.
On the other hand, we still haven't taken Kanon's away and she'll be 2 in April. So what do I know?

Brad and Jamee said...

Haha Brittany you are always out to coddle this one, not me "your one now Khage MAN UP!"