Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This guy is...

Khage has become quite the little helper. Always assisting us in feeding the dogs or cleaning up his toys. He is very willing to do these things and gets so excited when we ask him. In fact he is so anxious to lend that helping hand that if we continue on with the task, without his assistance, he melts into a puddle of tears.
I am amazed at how much Khage has grown in the past month. Just a month ago he didn't understand a lick that was coming out of our mouths... but now he is so full of understanding. When asked he will pick things up for us, spit out foreign objects that don't belong in his mouth into out hands, he will eat his veggies (even though his reaction to them is nothing short of disgust), and throw away his dirty diapers. He cuts my chore time in half. Or is it that he adds to it...?
He is really growing into such a big boy... and I am absolutely loving this stage.
Now lets discuss how old he has to be to scrub the bathrooms...

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