Thursday, February 23, 2012

BooBoo Baby

(Warning: this Mom overreacts and has a tendency to over dramatize small situations)

Another milestone was reached yesterday by little Mister Khage. He got his first booboo. He has had others before, but this one you see wasn't like a usual toddler bruise, bump, nor scratch it was a seriously bleeding chunk of skin taken off his hand.
To get the full affect I included a picture.

I told you I overreact.

But in all seriousness it did bleed a lot. Verdict is still out whether it was deep enough of a gash to cause so much bleeding or if instead the Mommy holding the thrashing crying child may have been squeezing the injured hand too tightly releasing more blood then necessary.

I should probably get used to injuries happening around here
He is a boy.
A rambunctious boy.
And Brad's boy to boot.

Ya, were gonna need more SpongeBobs.

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