Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They Never saw it Coming.

Last week was such a good week. The three of us drove to Arizona all stealth ops style and popped in on our family. We knocked on doors like we were Publishers Clearing House, but with a little toddler instead of a large check. We got some pretty fun and surprising reactions that made me wish I would have thought to film them. If you ever want to know how missed you are just drop in to see your family and their reactions are proof enough. Everyone couldn't have been more excited to see us... CORRECTION: they were more then happy to see Khage and glad that Brad and I could chauffeur him.
You can come to three conclusions while viewing these pictures
1. Grandpa is Khage's favorite person ever. He would ditch anyone of us, including his Daddy, to hang out with Grandpa. Khage loves to just walk around with him and check out new sights and be fed yummy treats. Brad's Dad is the epitome of what a Grandpa should be; so full of love for his grandchildren and willing to play with them and talk with them whenever one gets the inkling. It really warms the heart to see Khage becoming attached to his family.
2. This trip Khage finally realized that his cousins are playmates; getting into mischief together and entertaining each other. He had a few dance offs with Rex, he and Kanon took turns locking each other in the pantry and he demolished everything that Bostyn built with the blocks. I think its safe to say the next trip is gonna be nothing but trouble. 
3. I never take enough pictures. We were there for a week and I come home with ten pictures... this annoys me to the core.
It really was so fun seeing our families. I love just relaxing and hanging out with our peeps. It seems every time we see our family we have a long itinerary, but this time it was simply hanging out time. And the highlight of the trip was Khage didn't get sick! If you know Khage you know he always gets sick on trips... usually three days in and by then we are all ready to pack it up and roll on home. The ride back home he started showing symptoms of a head cold... but he was healthy and happy, eating well and taking his full naps the whole time in Arizona.



Nikki said...

Excuse me, when is it our turn to hang out with Khage?! I'm pretty sure he will love Aunt Nikki - and my boys can teach him how to REALLY get into trouble! :)
I am officially throwing a tantrum - IT'S OUR TURN!

Brad and Jamee said...

Nikki it is so your turn! And I could only imagine the fun he would have following your boys around... they might not like it so much because he can really cramp a style, but he would get such a kick out of it. Maybe if we both throw tantrums Brad would get his act together and plan a trip to NJ!