Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zoo Day Number 2.

Last week we went to the zoo! And let me tell you it was completely different from the last time we went when Khage was a baby. Zoo day with a four month old is alot easier then zoo day with a fourteen month old. The first time we went Khage was still nursing so I didn't have to bring any snacks to keep him happy, he didn't walk or run so we just plopped him in his stroller for the duration of the trip and if he ever got fussy someone was willing to carry his cute little fifteen pounds of babyself. But this time this guy was all over the place; he refused to wear his monkey leash backpack that we brought in an attempt to keep him close to us, he was way to heavy to be carried so we pulled his lazy rump around in the wagon for four hours, and he would not stop eating all the snacks I packed the whole time we were there.
I think once we passed the entrance gates into the zoo he smelt a whiff of the wild beasts and became this uncontrollable animal, morphing into the exact very things that we were there to visit...
 I didn't say for sure that's what happened... I merely said I think.
Here is a glimpse of our day at the zoo.
Daddy wrestling the crocodile.
I think Khage has a complex about crocs... he is never scared of anything and he was more then a little freaked out by this mondo crocodile statue.
Something tells me Brad watches too much of Swamp People and Khage has caught a glimpse or two of some slightly scary crocodile footage.
But onto fuzzy cuter critters...
And in less then five minutes into the car ride home our wild little animal finally tuckered himself out
And if you tap into your memory bank from ten months ago this is what you will see at the end of our last trip. Only this time he didn't make it to the car, he passed out well before we even hit the parking lot.

Until next Zoo day...

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