Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mama Made 'Em

 Today's a big day for all of us. (Well to keep it real Monday was, but I am just now getting around to blogging about it).
Khages first pair of Mama Made shorts are complete and he is rocking the seams out of 'em. I swiped the tutorial off of this blog and with Brads help I completed these in a day! Now I'm ready to kick off the Mama sweatshop and make a couple more pairs... linen, seersucker, colorful plaids... the possibilities are endless! Now lets see these babies in action...
A boys gotta have pockets... or else where would he store all his dirt?
 The elastic waistband was unequivocally the hardest part! But if your anything like me you cringe at the thought of sewing in elastic. Do you stretch it to sew it , do you cut it shorter or leave it longer to account for the stretchability?... this is around the time that Brad came to my rescue, don't hate he's all man even if he can work a sewing machine!
 Lets take a minute and adore the way Khage is sitting on the step with his feet all crossed like he has manners, just enjoying his new shorts and the way they let in the morning breeze.
These shorts give Khage the freedom to do everything: Stand.
 Flash gang signs.
 And when asked how he feels about his homemade shorts this is what I got
I think my little chummy is happy with his new threads!

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