Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slick Jimmy

Khage is developing such craftman skills. He will hold a screwdriver like he was born with it.
I assure you he was not... Don't you think I would remember that.
But jokes aside, this boy will see a lock and immediately grab for a screwdriver. At first my thoughts were purely cozy at the sight of this but then they went to a scary place... to a place where I imagined Khage being all too skilled in the art of petty theft. I mean hes fifteen months and I'm pretty confident that its only a matter of time before he can successfully break into a car using a jimmy or a coat hanger. I think now is the time that toddler's personalities are created, and by the looks of things mine may grow into a crook; a car stealing, mustache wearing delinquent who goes by the name of Slick Jimmy on the streets.
 And he is so dedicated... he wont stop until he gets the goods. You better believe it, this kid will be bringing home hot cars before he's even out of high school. Hes gonna make Mama so proud.
And the scary part is, as if thieving toddlers are not enough, he totally gets all maniac while he does it. He's all amped up and ready to go get himself a caddy.
Not today Slick Jimmy... Mama's on to you!

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The Simpsons said...

Oh my goodness!! My favorite post by far!!