Monday, April 23, 2012

Being present.

I think this sums up the thoughts that were floating about our house this weekend. Brad and I often find our selves throwing out phrases such as "life will be perfect when we ____", "once we accomplish ____" and the notorious "if only we had  ____".
It is so mentally exhausting sitting around waiting for life to become perfect. It will never be perfect, we wont ever accomplish everything and we already have so much. In lieu of us deciding to be content, to enjoy our family and marinade in the happiness that our blessing have brought us, I made this typography print. I will have it printed, framed and hug in our home as a daily reminder that being truly present everyday is a must. It is not fair for Khage, observing all that toddlers do, to see his parents always looking toward the future, so eager to see what tomorrow brings, and missing out on today's moments. I don't want that to be something he learns early on; I would rather be an example of utter contentment in the beauty that everyday brings.
And that concludes my philosophical mumbo jumbo for today.

And for those of you who drop by strictly for pictures of our bandicoot, I wont let you down:

Please excuse the sensory banner covering Khage's junk, I don't think I need to add to the list of things I do now or will do in the future to embarrass him... so we will stay clear of flashing his stuff online for the world to see.

But if you remember Khage this time last year you will remember seeing loads of posts with Khage rocking nothing but his paper jockeys... so YES it is official, half naked baby season has begun!
Oh the joys of being a kid.

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RiverShadow said...

Excellent observations and Reflections of Enlightenment!!

Continue to Enjoy these precious Moments.