Thursday, April 5, 2012

My little Olympian.

I forsee a bright future ahead for Khage. I no longer fear him becoming a petty car thief. Yes, things are looking so much brighter for him. Within weeks he went from delinquency to Olympian.... me and my parenting style will take the credit for that thank you.
Khage can climb anything these days. He scales over baby gates, packnplays, bar stools and right outta his crib. It is quite inspiring to watch a sixteen month old grab the world by its horns and decide that he will no longer be contained. Daddy and I have watched him do these things and it is very eloquent the way in which he pulls himself up with nothing but the power in his arms and then he ever so gracefully throws his leg over the side. This kid has an insane amount of upper body strength and an astonishing level of flexibility in his hips and legs. I'm telling you Khage will be an Olympian... Weightlifting? Rowing? Jumping hurdles? I don't know that will be his choice, I just supplied the genes to make the dream happen. The rest is up to him.
There is a point to this post and I will get to that now. Khage has backed us into a corner, he obviously cannot remain in the crib that he treats as his very own McDonald's Play Place so into a big boy bed he goes. I think hes too young, but Khage thinks he doesn't care what I think and made the decision without consulting his makers. None the less, the decision was made and we are simply left to deal. We are working on day 3 over here and I am ready to throw the towel in and build fortress like walls onto his crib and re discuss this decision again in six months. But boy does he look ever so sweet sleeping in his bed. Its moments like these that I realize that Time really got away from me.

 And for those Mommies out there who are looking at the above picture and impulsively sticking out there hands to catch the baby before he rolls right off of the bed and onto the floor: he is being safely guarded by a pool noodle. Yes. Pool noodle. It hides under his sheet, serves as a bumper and protects him from the floor all throughout the night. No ugly mesh or expensive wood rails will be purchased in this house. Were cheap, functional and we recycle.

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