Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Second to us, this is Khage's best playmate. This spud is his buddy... his spuddy. His face is in constant change but his ability to convince Khage to drop anyone of his other toys and pick him up instead is forever habitual. Its not so much the creation of the face that draws Khage in. Instead he comes over to us, grasping in his hands a faceless potato eager for us to build the face that he will so quickly change.  The feet are usually the first to go, then eyes will be placed where ears belong and noses may find themselves being worn as hats. Mr Potato head doesn't seem to care; in fact his angry eyes are rarely used and I think possibly lost somewhere under the couch. Khage's best playmate is forever happy and always distorted in some silly manner or another.

On this particular day Khage was being pulled into two very enticing directions. Torn between two loves. One minute he was outside with Daddy happily soaking in the sun (notice the filth sticking to his sweaty toddler skin) the next minute he was with me tracking that dirt inside and greasing up his friend with sunscreen residue from his hands. 
What a happy little life this boy leads.

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