Thursday, May 31, 2012

Junk Yard Dog

Lets get grimy and practice some honesty for a second: Khage is a filthy child. He's the kid you see walking around the store and you immediately begin to judge the mother for not having the decency to clean up her child before she takes him out in public.

 Well, to you I say he got dirty in public and I don't have the room in my vehicle to carry around a portable shower. So get off my back and pay attention to your own kid, while your eyeballing me your clean sons over there eating his boogers.

Khage always starts off clean; we leave the house and I think to myself my how clean and 'dorable my child looks right now and then BAM within minutes hes grimy like a coalmine worker. I do try my darnedest to keep a clean son but its not a battle that I am capable of winning day in and day out. To be frank, my child looks homeless alot of the time and its something I am growing accustomed to. We cant blame his mongrel look on lack of washing because Khage honest to blog, takes more then one shower a day. Hes always climbing into the shower with Brad and I so technically speaking he is more washed up then New Kids on the Block.

On our way to breakfast yesterday Brad and I went to an auto scrapyard looking for parts for his truck, practicing good and fun parenting we let him come with us onto the lot instead of forcing him to hangout in the car with his Hamster of an Uncle. Yeeessshhh. This was not one of our brightest ideas yet. He was traipsing through mud puddles within minutes and having the time of his life exploring this trash heap. Why is my child such a junk yard dog?

This place was his Disneyland.

He did a quick inventory of the place: Mud? Check. Water? Check. Filthy objects at every turn? Double check.

And that's when I knew we were going to have to tear him away from the place while he fiercely gripped the entrance gates and tried to beat us off of him with random engine parts. That scene may be slightly falsified.

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Fressia Vaughn said...

Best pictures yet. And I LOVE Trevor as a hamster. hahahah.