Thursday, May 24, 2012

Khage in the Wild

Khagey got to go camping for the first time and I think it is safe to say this little dude had himself a good time. It was the perfect scenery for him, there was dirt to throw, rocks to eat and room to wander. The only way this trip could have been any better is if it suddenly started raining shredded cheese from the sky and he could open his mouth and catch it on his tongue... but if that was the case you would have found me equally thrilled and possibly lying in heaps of it on the ground doing the backstroke.

And enough of that.

Khage did alot of staring longingly at the waters but whenever we asked him if he wanted to go in he followed up with his new favorite answer to any question: uhuh (no).
So the staring continued.
And these poor little ants, he loved taking sticks and poking holes in their hills.
He was so infatuated with how quickly they scurried off in every direction.
Obviously someone doesn't know the meaning of a hard days work... soon enough my boy.
Fishin with Uncle Trev!
He hated wearing his life jacket... so again not much time was spent in the water.
Don't let Brad's form fool you the hook was caught on a branch under water.
Just to keep it real, this is the only shot of me we have from this camping trip.
Don't mind me snoozing by the light of the globuddy.
Cookie consumption at its finest.
Khage fake laughing up a storm!
 And what's a camping trip without a little jousting? Or fencing? Or hitting each other with large sticks? Gotta love these crazy kids.

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The Ritchie's said...

Love the pic of Khagey sitting on the log...looks like fun..maybe we could all go camping one day!!