Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slip N Slide

In a normal family Daddy would bring home a Slip N' Slide.
But in this family Daddy brings home from work a massively large black tarp and makes his own slip and slide on the sloped front lawn. I cant decide if Daddy is completely white trash or just incredibly innovative with a large side of fun.
I assume he will eventually read this so I will go with the later.
And then there is the discussion of the Daddy's offspring and successor. You know him simply as Khage.  Who was happy enough to go barrelling down this makeshift slip and slide almost causing me to loose my hair. I am hard at work trying to remain calm under these forms of pressure; generating coolness instead of complete stress and mental turmoil as I watch my baby slipping at speeds faster then my casual jog.
And thanks to the sketchy grass growth going on we all ended up with little bruises from flying over all the bumps, but watching Khage snicker with excitement made it well worth it!
Click this link and see for yourself. 


David and Jessica said...

haha that is so cute! Totally love it :)

Jason and Brittany said...

I want to come play!

Brad and Jamee said...

Jessica are you referring to Brads level of white trash or the cute baby sliding about? haha.

And Brittany please do come play with us... it has been all of a few months and I miss those little girlies. But you and Jason are welcome to slip and slide on the fornt lawn as well. Dont fret!

Unknown said...

So cute. We have the market on white trash and monkey rigging but everyone still loves us, yes?
Fun, fun, wish i was there to watch and play. -Mom W.