Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clue On You

This just may be one of the most akward images I have included in a blog post, but at the end of this story you will appreciate this shot.

Now have a seat while story time begins:

I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair when Khage walked in. He just awoke from his afternoon nap and was working on rubbing the snooze out of his eyes, that was when it suddenly became aware to me that he was naked. Top to bottom... stark naked. Odd considering I put him in his bed with a fresh diaper on and suddenly no diaper was present... (cue dramatic sound effect Dun Dun Duuhhn)

So together we walked to his room to collect some evidence and get to the bottom of The Case of The Missing Diaper. That was where I found the missing diaper and inside of it was a very not so missing dootie.  Based upon the state of the dootie I concluded it has been sitting there for hours.

For those of you who didn't play Clue as a child let me formulate for you the scenario.
It was Khage in his room, diaplerless while he slept.

I confirmed this suspicion with the dootie streaks that graced his sheets and the large urine stain that was puddled in his bed.

And now we are working on trying to get Khage to stop removing his diaper after he goes to the bathroom.

Now don't you appreciate the image above instead of one from the feces filled crime scene?

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