Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Potty Time

Im sure some of you saw this coming after my last post a few weeks ago regarding Khage yanking off his diaper every time he peed in it... but I sure didnt. I was aiming to potty train Khage years from now when it became socially taboo for me to continue to diaper change him.

Can you picture me on the cover of Time Magazine diaper changing my six years old... are you Mom Enough? I know I am.

But in all realness I am sad to see this phase of Khage pass us by.... diapers are the last thing linking him to his babystage. Where do we go from here? My fridge covered in finger painted pictures of turkeys and then right into shopping for a hotplate for his college dorm room? I'm not ready for this. My fridge is still too new for crafts to grace its luxurious face and hot plates are a fire hazard. Im getting off topic... but I find that it helps me cope with the realities of life.

Dont you just love that first picture of Khage all "ya I pee'd in the potty what of it?"

And now let me tell you how this event came about. Im sitting around and Khage comes over to me, yanks off his diaper, runs to the bathroom and sits his little fanny right on his cousins potty. Within moments he piddled in it. Me, I'm standing there freaking out like I just opened his acceptance letter into Harvard. It was amazing.

I do a couple "Khagey went pee pee in the potty" dances. Motivational songs are a common thing in this house, I can make a song up in an instant about anything and with an original tune... thats my gift and I embrace it any chance I get.

So after a few songs, an apple slice for reward supplied by Aunt Brittany, four piddles in the potty and a trip to walmart to purchase a 10 pack of so cute little boy underroos he was over it.

Done. Kaput. Finito.

Oh well I really do dig this kid with a diaper butt anyhow. See you in six months for round 2.

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