Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Jinx Fairy and a $2000 popsicle.

Just the other day I found my self saying such stupid things. If you know me you know this is very unlike my character to talk nonsense. But the other day I did. I went out on a limb and tested the jinx theory. You know when you say "I never ever __blah blah blah__" and then BAM just like that the pesky little Jinx Fairy takes it upon himself to make you a liar! He is quite the little jokester that one.

I remember saying that Brad and I never take Khage to the doctors... aside from his wellness check ups of course, because we are not those people... you know the ones who say "no thank you" to vaccines. The italics on that previous statement were provided to emphasis my snobbery on that topic.
But that's for another day.

We "never" take Khage to the doctors, or urgent care or hospital visits. We have a very strict rule... blood must be gushing or limbs must be dangling to get a special trip to one of those places. And that's when the Jinx Fairy twinkled in and temporarily turned my world upside down. It started off with a simple fever that turned into 104.4 degrees and sent me into a panic. He was lethargic; allowing me to cradle him in my arms (a position he didn't allow since the day he was born), passing out every chance he got and drinking hardly any fluids. Things starting popping into my head: brain damage, dehydration and febrile seizures. That was enough to convince me it was time to scrap our rule and rush him in. After his first urinary catheter, blood sample and IV drip he was released with a popsicle and homemade teddy bear. We were told it was just a viral infection and to continue with Motrin and Tylenol. I never want to be forced into a situation like that again, I am just not built emotionally strong enough to withstand the pain that came along with holding down my child as they probed at him with needles and he screamed owie over and over again.
A hospital visit for a fever scare and for a family uninsured will get you a hefty bill and a yummy popsicle.... a yummy but very expensive popsicle. Better safe then sorry!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Climb on.

 The best thang about living near family is playing with family. 
On my 26th birthday my Mom took us all to a rock climbing gym where we climbed and laughed and sweated our little toxins out and just enjoyed being a big 'ol family together on a national holiday... yup that just happened.
There is something about getting old that makes you wanna just get out there and climb a fake rock and possibly beat your brother whilst you do it!
Back off Zach its my birthday and Im getting old and I'm pretty sure I saw Mom give you a  little boost at the start. 

 oh yes Nicole is a very handy Mom, turning simple climbing gear into amusing toddler toys.
Go Mom!!!
 And then we got a little relationship building going on during family time. 
 Lets take a second to acknowledge those eyelashes... hes gonna heartbreak for sure.
 Can this moment get any cuter?
Maybe if Khage returned the embrace... hes so cold.
 And odd.
It was such a fun day!
I just love to love my family.
And I want to give a shoutout to Rick for being on camera duty!
You rock... get it eh eh???


What has become of me? So we move near our family and I assume I no longer have to update my blog. Forgive me reader, but this blogs purpose is not just to bring smiles and laughter to your daily life.. that's just an added bonus...  a very fun extra prize in my crackerjack box kind of bonus. But seriously, this blog is for Khage and the rest of my unborn posse. I want them to one day read this blog and feel my love through these stories. I want them to open their empty baby books and say "its okay that these pages are bare because Mother Dearest found another way to express her love for us... through this beloved and cherished blog." Well haven't I raised a couple of saps, Brad must be so proud.

So for the sake of the historical documentation I'm gonna jump back a few weeks:
We moved back to Arizona from Texas.
We moved from the state of no family to being 45 minutes from the farthest one.
We went from an abundance of free time to no time for ourselves...
and as of this very minute we love it!

Khage doesn't know what to do with himself anymore... I barely even see him throughout the day because he is so distracted by the many playmates he now has. He checks in with me every few hours with a head nod and a hand shoved out begging for snacks and that's about it. Sometimes I feel the need to pull him aside and be like "hi remember me: your mother. The one who created you in my womb and gave you life? Sweet precious life, complete with an adorable face and all." That's when I show him this picture and remind him of the cuteness I bestowed upon him and then he begs me for forgiveness and the world is right again.
Dirty little scoundrels, every last one of 'em.
Fun Fourth of July festivities.
Ya they are a bunch of party animals for sure. Proof is in the pudding and the shot below.

 Are you wondering where my family is? Don't fret they will be starring in the next post.