Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Climb on.

 The best thang about living near family is playing with family. 
On my 26th birthday my Mom took us all to a rock climbing gym where we climbed and laughed and sweated our little toxins out and just enjoyed being a big 'ol family together on a national holiday... yup that just happened.
There is something about getting old that makes you wanna just get out there and climb a fake rock and possibly beat your brother whilst you do it!
Back off Zach its my birthday and Im getting old and I'm pretty sure I saw Mom give you a  little boost at the start. 

 oh yes Nicole is a very handy Mom, turning simple climbing gear into amusing toddler toys.
Go Mom!!!
 And then we got a little relationship building going on during family time. 
 Lets take a second to acknowledge those eyelashes... hes gonna heartbreak for sure.
 Can this moment get any cuter?
Maybe if Khage returned the embrace... hes so cold.
 And odd.
It was such a fun day!
I just love to love my family.
And I want to give a shoutout to Rick for being on camera duty!
You rock... get it eh eh???

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