Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our little family, the Patricks and Trevor all headed up to Sedona for an over night campin' trip. Its just not the same if you say "camping" like your fresh out of college, so just appease me and use the verbage supplied. On this campin' trip we hung out by the fire, hiked in the beautiful canyons, breathed in the freshest of air and yes like always Khage got naked. Maybe it was I who got him naked, but either way he loves to be all natural and I fully support his wild child ways.
If I had more time I would have created a whole movie montage with these photos, complete with Native American pan flutes and background sounds of birds singing and the wind blowing. That really would have created a nice moment for us all to share. Maybe next time.

What could these three possibly be discussing here? They seem so captivated by their little kid conversation. Is it Elmo? Marshmallows? What items of ours they could sneak away and throw into the fire?

 Two out of three ain't bad.

This sad little fish became Brad's protein snack... gotta stay nourished people.

 Ya know how I roll: naked in the wilderness... but I kindly provide photoshoped loin clothes for the web.

  These two are so made for a NatGeo wilderness survival show... its gonna start low budget but I have a feeling its gonna go prime time.
 Back off ladies. This one is mine.

Lets close on this note:
This trip was a waste and it has ruined my life. 
What I mean is: life in Arizona is already hard enough... and now I have to live with the fact that we are hours away from a place so beautiful and with weather so nice. Why are we wasting our lives living here on this side of Arizona, the ugly hot side with no pine trees? I wish I never had to find out such a place existed.
Just put a graham cracker on me, I am done here!

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