Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Negligence, it hurts us both.

My oh my. If this blog was my child then the proper authorities would have already been contacted, this blog would have been removed from my home and finally placed in a more caring and nurturing environment. I have neglected if for far too long and what that means to me is simply this: there are four months of Khages life that have gone undocumented. The worse part is I have nothing to show for it. Its not like I have a pile of blogs waiting to be written or pictures of Khage eagerly waiting to be doted over... I have not used my camera just about this whole time. So that too probably should be fostered out.

Halt, I spoke too soon. I haven't completely given up on taking picture of Khage.
I just stumbled upon these little numbers on my camera's memory card.

Apparently I found Khage's scissor cutting face and sneaky grocery cart car wash suitable reasons to get off my lazy rump and get my camera out of it's dusty bag.
Not a complete waste, right?
Wrong. For one he's practically naked in both. Correction, he is naked in one. And second can I ever get a shot of him facing the camera? I got more booty in the second one then I got of his face in the first.

As you can tell based on my rambles, I have missed my precious blog. And I am so glad it decided to give me a second chance. This time I wont let it down. I'm sure I could muster up a few tears if that would help ease things over between us. I took a drama class in school and I pretty much have the whole crying on demand thing down.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boots on the Bed


Boots up there has a newsflash for ya
Khagey has gone from sleeping like this:
To finally sleeping like this:
It was a hard transition, moving him from his crib the floor to his big boy bed. We decided to make the move once he refused to sleep in his bed at all and began to prefer the cold hard ground. If the world was without scorpions we may have allowed this floor sleeping nonsense to continue ... but those little beasts do creep at night so the move to a sleeping arrangement out of their reach was more then necessary. I must say though I pondered introducing him to the world of monsters under the bed... assuming maybe that would be a grand way to get him out from under the bed, up off the floor and back to sleeping on a mattress... but my better judgment has a way of stepping in and prohibit me from mentally damaging my child. Let us all say thanks for that.
Khage did put up an admirable fight but us parents are hard to beat down. He was waking up multiple times a night for more then a week before he caught on and took us a little more seriously.
He's not a quick study that one!