Thursday, November 8, 2012

13 Weeks.

I think this was just about the roughest few months of my life thus far. Nothing really gets me down as far as pain... ya I think based upon me getting myself into this situation again, I pretty much forgot the pain involved in child birth. But stomach cramps and constant bloating are not exactly my kinda Sunday driving. And most people who know me know its not a good idea to mess with my food intake, but you, oh you ballsy little thing you don't seem to fear the repercussions at all. But once your outside the protection of my uterus you will quickly learn the ways my little spawn.
We heard your heart beat the other day, as mentioned above, and it was music to my ears. I don't take doctor appointments too seriously so that was your first one. Yes, the first time I talked to my midwife, the very person who will aid me into bringing you into this world, just heard about you a few days into my second trimester. I'm not worried about my Mother of the Year Award, I lay it on pretty thick with my newborns so you will learn to adore me.
Khagey cant wait to meet you. He hasn't told me so but I can see it in his eyes. He calls you baby and touches my tummy sometimes. I don't have the heart to tell him your way lower then my belly button, he uses it has a microphone device to reach you. Hes gonna be an amazing big brother to you I just know it. He doesn't make for an especially good playmate to others but something tells me he's really gonna rise to the occasion with you.
Please give me some kind of hint as to what you are. I need to know. I'm on the verge of scheduling an appointment with a fortune teller, its driving my completely nuts. Today I think your a girl. Khage said sister when we asked him and lately hes been a pretty decent magic eight ball, so I'm going with it. My heart still says boy though, but your energy feels kinda soft and dainty. Do you see how confused I am. Just swim up and tap on my belly button, one for boy and two for girl. Thanks so much.
And also I love you you little attitudinal fetus.
Happy cooking.

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