Friday, November 2, 2012

My Second Halloween Costume

When Khage was born I said "I want him to be a boy that loves trains." I also said I want him to learn German and be in the chess club. Obviously I want to create a whole new breed of cool, but that is not what we are discussing here today. Instead, we are talking about Khage's Halloween costume. He was a train conductor, and to a mother who is completely into forcing trains onto her son I couldn't have been more thrilled. He looked so handsome strutting around in his little outfit, it took all of me not to instagram it weeks before the big reveal on Halloween day. And because it seemed to him to be similar to his everyday attire; pants, shirt, shoes and a hat, he didn't mind it too much. (Although the bandanna did take some getting used to).
Interestingly enough this outfit was never meant to be a Halloween costume, it was given to him by Pompa and Gnama for his birthday last year and has been hanging out in his closet anxiously waiting for him to grow three inches. We just lucked out when we stumbled upon it and it happened to fit perfectly. That was a close call because the intended Elmo costume didn't go over so well with this kid. And because Halloween isn't complete without a photo shoot we took a few shots at a local train museum. Well a few shots started out as 100 pictures but I will only make you look at ten, I weeded out all the ones with closed eyes and globs of snot for your viewing pleasure. If you have a memory like me post baby, then you may recall a snot nose impeding on our photo shoot last year too, if you don't remember click here.
Aww seeing little kids cry is so sad... but darn doesn't it make for an adorable picture.
Don't worry yourself too much, seconds later he was perfectly happy and throwing back fruit snacks.
 I love the picture above, I got him mid "choo choo" 
 I think this one is my favorite. Squinty eyes are always a good sign, they are usual backed by good true belly laughs.

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