Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Years Old

I never did discuss Khage's second birthday. He wasn't shorted on attention or gifts, just deprived recognition on our blog. He had two parties, one with each side of the family... we don't try and keep our sides separate, its not a racial thing, it just worked out that way. And he was spoiled rotten with gifts and a whole bunch of love. I could go into detail but instead I would rather rant and rave about why my baby is better then yours... I'm kidding. Or am I?
You always say bless you when someone sneezes. You randomly laugh at the funny parts in cartoons. You are so independent and yet sometimes you will just beg us to hold you with the cutest pleading voice. You will sit forever and just look over the front and back cover of a DVD with such curiosity of what the movie is about. Sometimes you say words that make you sound like a french guy (poo'poo). You are very bothered by messes that other people create, and often times you refuse to let it go until its cleaned up. If you say sorry for something you have done and we don't acknowledge you, you will come right over and grab our face until we accept your apology. If you know I am talking to Daddy on the phone you HAVE to talk to him too. You rarely need reminding to say please and thank you. The way you eat noodles is just about the cutest thing I have seen. And since you were an infant you have always fiddled with your hair when you are tired or just relaxing, and that my boy yanks on my heart every time.

Those are just a few of the reasons why we look at you with such love in our faces everyday.
They are the reasons why you get random extra hugs for what you think are for no reason at all.
And the same reasons why we thank God everyday for blessing our family with your life.
You are loved so much more then you could ever know!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

19 Weeks.

You are a girl.
I cannot say it enough. Partly because I don't believe it and hearing it out loud makes it that much more real and the other part of me just loves to hear myself say it: I'm a Mommy to a GIRL. I will confess, I never thought I wanted a girl. I don't like a lot of girl toys, girl clothes are too girly for me and the idea of standing in line at Disneyland for princess signatures makes me wanna snatch a tiara right off one of their heads and smash it into a gazillion pieces then stomp off to meet Mater at Cars Land. Ugghhh, family vacations are going to get interesting.

But my heart swells with how much I love you already my sweet girl. You kick me all the time, never letting me forget that you are there. And I already know a slew of songs that I plan to sing to you, I have mentally designed your bedroom and when I think about bringing you into this world happiness wraps around me like a swaddle blanket. I cant wait to hand you over to Khage and see a new kind of love between brother and sister. But most of all I look forward to watching Brad grow into a new kind of Daddy for you; a Daddy that plays rough with his son but holds his daughter like the most precious of cargo. Because of you Harlyn we are all going to change, we wont ever love the same and the house will be scattered in My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets... I welcome it all with a smidge of fear but a whole bunch of excitement.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Driving Mrs. Daisy... to the BANK!!!

When Khage finally learned how to shovel food into his own mouth, I was so excited. When he decided to just let go of the couch and take his first steps, I couldn't have been happier. But when he got behind the wheel of the little Mercedes and turned corners like a professional, I was boasting with pure Mommy-Cheering-From-The-Sidelines pride. Eating and walking are monumental milestones, but driving a car around obstacles like the couch and kitchen cabinets at the young age of two... now that's a skill that makes me want to loose my head. Before I go any further I know I am not the one to thank for this skill, its all Daddy. But dang it my genes swim in that pool too.

As I watched Khage take a 90 degree turn, then another right after and all without evening kissing the wall with the red paint job I slowly began to understand Mrs. Bieber and Mrs. Spears. Before, I cursed the parents of young stars. Why take away their childhood like that, you should be pushing your kids to stay young instead of cashing in on their skills.

But then Khage practically parallel parked and I saw dollar signs.

I wanted to run right out and get Khage an agent and pressure him to try out for the Formula 50 Toddler Races. I planned to show up there decked out from head to toe in Khage gear and start fights with the other Moms. I was gonna be one of those Moms on Toddlers in Tiaras, you know the ones in the background arguing with the judges about their kids faulty scores. I had dreams for Khage and those dreams were gonna buy me a Cadillac CTS. Then he ran into my leg and it all disappeared... how do you not see me child, I'm your biggest fan?

Cute little car courtesy of Aunt Lissa and Patrick, one of the most amazing birthday gifts Khagey and Rex could of ever asked for. And just to reassure our landlords, he is not nicking walls or bumping into your china hutch. He really is that good!

Self Mutilation.

We're dealing with this already? I thought I would be writing this post when Khage was in high school begging us for an eyebrow piercing or a tattoo of his girlfriends name. Not when he was under the age of two and biting himself to avoid naps. A piercing... that doesn't scare me... it should scare him because I WILL rip it out! A tattoo, don't even come at me with that nonsense, I have hearts tattooed on my butt like a My Little Pony... I WILL show him and he WILL be afraid! But biting himself hard enough to leave marks that last all day... how do you stop that nonsense. And whats worse is he will also do it when he's mad at himself. Like its his own little creepy punishment. I am gonna say it right now, just put it right out there: This boy is gonna be trouble. I love him and all his little weirdness, but this? No, this gives me the willies.