Thursday, December 20, 2012

19 Weeks.

You are a girl.
I cannot say it enough. Partly because I don't believe it and hearing it out loud makes it that much more real and the other part of me just loves to hear myself say it: I'm a Mommy to a GIRL. I will confess, I never thought I wanted a girl. I don't like a lot of girl toys, girl clothes are too girly for me and the idea of standing in line at Disneyland for princess signatures makes me wanna snatch a tiara right off one of their heads and smash it into a gazillion pieces then stomp off to meet Mater at Cars Land. Ugghhh, family vacations are going to get interesting.

But my heart swells with how much I love you already my sweet girl. You kick me all the time, never letting me forget that you are there. And I already know a slew of songs that I plan to sing to you, I have mentally designed your bedroom and when I think about bringing you into this world happiness wraps around me like a swaddle blanket. I cant wait to hand you over to Khage and see a new kind of love between brother and sister. But most of all I look forward to watching Brad grow into a new kind of Daddy for you; a Daddy that plays rough with his son but holds his daughter like the most precious of cargo. Because of you Harlyn we are all going to change, we wont ever love the same and the house will be scattered in My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets... I welcome it all with a smidge of fear but a whole bunch of excitement.

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