Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Driving Mrs. Daisy... to the BANK!!!

When Khage finally learned how to shovel food into his own mouth, I was so excited. When he decided to just let go of the couch and take his first steps, I couldn't have been happier. But when he got behind the wheel of the little Mercedes and turned corners like a professional, I was boasting with pure Mommy-Cheering-From-The-Sidelines pride. Eating and walking are monumental milestones, but driving a car around obstacles like the couch and kitchen cabinets at the young age of two... now that's a skill that makes me want to loose my head. Before I go any further I know I am not the one to thank for this skill, its all Daddy. But dang it my genes swim in that pool too.

As I watched Khage take a 90 degree turn, then another right after and all without evening kissing the wall with the red paint job I slowly began to understand Mrs. Bieber and Mrs. Spears. Before, I cursed the parents of young stars. Why take away their childhood like that, you should be pushing your kids to stay young instead of cashing in on their skills.

But then Khage practically parallel parked and I saw dollar signs.

I wanted to run right out and get Khage an agent and pressure him to try out for the Formula 50 Toddler Races. I planned to show up there decked out from head to toe in Khage gear and start fights with the other Moms. I was gonna be one of those Moms on Toddlers in Tiaras, you know the ones in the background arguing with the judges about their kids faulty scores. I had dreams for Khage and those dreams were gonna buy me a Cadillac CTS. Then he ran into my leg and it all disappeared... how do you not see me child, I'm your biggest fan?

Cute little car courtesy of Aunt Lissa and Patrick, one of the most amazing birthday gifts Khagey and Rex could of ever asked for. And just to reassure our landlords, he is not nicking walls or bumping into your china hutch. He really is that good!


Nikki said...

So cute! I'm quite impressed with his driving skills - he is doing better than I am over here! :) And to be honest, I wasn't even concerned about the hutch or walls! Enjoy the house! No worries!

Fressia Vaughn said...

Holy cow! He really is good! :)