Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Self Mutilation.

We're dealing with this already? I thought I would be writing this post when Khage was in high school begging us for an eyebrow piercing or a tattoo of his girlfriends name. Not when he was under the age of two and biting himself to avoid naps. A piercing... that doesn't scare me... it should scare him because I WILL rip it out! A tattoo, don't even come at me with that nonsense, I have hearts tattooed on my butt like a My Little Pony... I WILL show him and he WILL be afraid! But biting himself hard enough to leave marks that last all day... how do you stop that nonsense. And whats worse is he will also do it when he's mad at himself. Like its his own little creepy punishment. I am gonna say it right now, just put it right out there: This boy is gonna be trouble. I love him and all his little weirdness, but this? No, this gives me the willies.

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