Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our Little Family Christmas - 2012

I love Christmas and Brad is not a fan. He doesn't have a weird fear of Santa or any tragic holiday stories that lead him to this dark and sad place, he's just a Grinch and doesn't feel the magic like I do. If I pass anything on to Khage I hope it is my tan complexion, okay then I could settle for him having my aggressive appetite... alright fine maybe just my love for the Christmas season. I love everything about the Holidays and I think if I project that onto Khage enough I can swindle him over here to the jolly side, then eventually Khage and I together could lure Daddy over with a trail of snicker doodles.
 This was the first year that we initiated project Elf on the Shelf. He never did arrive with a bang as explained in the story and I never used it as blackmail to get Khage to behave. I know my kid is a terror and I'm pretty sure he knows it too, if a large sized person such as myself cant get him under control I don't think the solution is a miniature sized elf playing warden. And we also failed at having him come every.single.night for 25 days... uh that's a big commitment, sometimes I forget to feed my dogs everyday.

 And then there was Christmas morning. We let Khage sleep in our bed that night, it was the only way I could guarantee Santa got to eat the cookies and not a sneaky little toddler. And because I nagged him all month long about what Christmas morning had in store for him, he popped right out of bed and repeatedly asked if Santa came until we let him go down stairs to see for himself. I have to say it: BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. He had that magic in his eyes that I remember from when I was younger. He said wow as he came down the stairs and saw all his presents. He pointed and smiled when he saw the Elf hanging from the lights on the ceiling fan. And he opened all his gifts all by himself.

Look at that sad little poodum face. He didnt catch the grumps from Daddy grinch, I think it was my constant nagging for him to take a picture on his new bikey that caused that face.


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