Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where's the whoopie

Some kids have whoopies, lovies or blankies that they have to snuggle while they sleep to feel safe. Not Khage. His bed IS bombarded with stuffed animals, but that's because I place them there to add to the ambiance of a child's room. If one day they were suddenly missing he wouldn't loose sleep over it. But every couple of weeks without fail he will become attached to some new thing that he HAS to have. He will carry this thing around all day, never loosing track of it and when nap time rolls around he is ready because this item is held tightly in his sweaty hands.

 Oh these boots, they caused quite a few come aparts. He insisted on wearing them all day long then sleeping with them later. Call me a mean mom but I am not really that comfortable with letting him snuggle dirt and germ infested mukluks in his bed.
The one above is totally my favorite, what a little weirdo, he doesn't even look comfortable spooning that dodge ball.
That's a hot wheels car AND a pink stretchy roggy (froggy), apparently this was a rough day and his nap time required not one but two sleepy time items.
(Ignore the greasy Vick's vapor rub slathered all over his nose)
Every child is strange. They have these little idiosyncrasies that you either love or you cant stand. Khage has plenty of characteristics that make me have to work harder at being his mother, such as his dislike for anyone touching his hands (that becomes an issue anytime we are around moving vehicles). But this little quirk only adds to his delightfully odd charm. One day he is going to grow out of this and happily take his naps with nothing in tow and that day will make me sad. So for now I am just going to snap random pictures of him sleeping with random objects and love his strangeness with every bit of my heart.  

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