Thursday, March 21, 2013

Someone Open a Window.

My house reeks of testosterone.
I'm surrounded by men.
 Just little ol' me against a couple of dudes.
They are always hangin' out together doing masculine things; holding screwdrivers and shaving.
 I can't wait for Bebe Sister to get here and even things out.
See that down there?
That's pure man... and Man In Training.
Khage so badly wants to be like his Daddy. My littleboy cant wait to be a man.
If he had it his way he would fall out of bed in the morning doing push ups and smelling of Daddies Old Spice.

Don't judge us. Brad isn't really shaving our two year olds face, he's using the back of the razor to gently wipe away the shaving cream. You just simmer it right down.