Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big Boy Bed Making

Today Khage made his own bed. It instantly warmed my innards like a cup a noodle soup because he was just beaming with pride over his hard work. It was definitely not up to the Hilton Standard and I had to practice complete control not to fix it but it was just about the cutest bed making job I have seen yet. He had to climb on and off of the bed to get the sheets just right and every so often he would let out a guff of air as confirmation to how hard he was working. The blankets were left askew and the pillows tossed about all kooky, kinda like how Daddy makes the bed but a cute variation because a toddler did it, and the second he was done he ran to find Brad to show him what a big boy he was.

See that finished product? Simply perfect right!
And check out that face. He was so tickled a masculine shade of pink over his job well done.
But seconds later he was jumping on the so called made bed.
Oh well, such is the life of a hardworking toddler.

Are you really asking yourself "did she just write a post about bed making"? Absolutely!
Us Moms are easy... make your bed, clean up a dish, wipe your own butt. Were a simple breed, make our life easier and you get yourself featured on a blog post. End of story.

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Fressia Vaughn said...

What I thought was so hilarious about this post is that as I was reading the part where you struggled not to redo the bed that Khage had made, I thought of all the mornings after Vaughn makes the bed and it KILLS me to just leave it be rather than fix it. I keep thinking, "I have to reinforce the good behavior and not expect perfection."