Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

We may or may not have gone over board with Khage's Easter basket this year. Brad and I basically went our own way on picking out gifts and once it was compiled together it was just obnoxiously too much. It was basically Christmas for this spoiled rotten boy but our hearts feel extra soft when we realize it is Khage's last holiday as an only child. Soon enough he and his sister will start sharing the holiday fund and they will basically wake up to half empty baskets with only jellybeans in 'em and maybe one of those headbands with bunny ears on it to share.

Sadly Brad and I were both sick with the flu so all of our planned festivities with the family got canceled and we were left to celebrate this Holiday on our own. So instead we just let Khage consume more then half of his chocolate trout before 8am, and then we proceeded to watch movies all morning and lounge about in our jamas.
That was until Gnama and Pompa saved Khage from us and took him to a few parks, spoiled him with attention and fed him a delicious dinner that included a chocolate milkshake. We cannot say enough how grateful we are for them doing so, nothing keeps you sick longer then having to chase around a rambunctious toddler and boy does he love his own time with his Grandparents...
thanks AGAIN and AGAIN Mom & Dad!!! 
I think my favorite moment of Easter was when Khage got a real Lightening McQueen car. Let me give you a background story: Khage loves the Cars movies and one random day he found a red hot wheels car at the park and because we didn't want to have to buy him a Lightening McQueen car to satisfy his newest obsession we just started telling him that red car was McQueen. Cruel parenting I know. So once he saw the REAL McQueen in his basket he immediately realized the old one was a counterfeit and stated with a look of disgrace, that he wanted to throw it in the trash... and frankly I haven't seen it since.
So that completes the last Holiday post from our little family of three.

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