Friday, June 28, 2013

40 Weeks, 6 weeks ago

Looking back just a few short weeks ago I have come to a conclusion: I was a big fat fatty. Well I realized that and something else: I am ridiculously sentimental. Its been six weeks and already I'm feeling nostalgic about being pregnant. I can literally be holding my newborn and be daydreaming about being pregnant again. Part of it is that people around me are continuing to have babies, so with every baby that pops into this world my uterus aches. Which is ironic because my uterus just got over the post pregnancy aches from Harlyns birth. Don't let me trick you into thinking that having two kids ain't no thang for me and that I am anxious to juggle another. I am barely keeping my head above water with these two people. Its just that pregnancy is beautiful, and if I ever get to be pregnant again I plan on relishing in the moment so much more.
And maybe I will eat a lot less sugar.
Easier said then done on both counts.

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Fressia Vaughn said...

I'm calling "Bull Crap!" on this one!! Just kidding, I'm really not, but I cannot CANNOT understand how you feel this way. I'm dreading being pregnant again, and I'm still pregnant!!