Thursday, June 13, 2013

If A Caveman Can Do It

I am loving this whole brother sister thing going on in this house.
Khage loves Harlyn.
Harlyn will grow to love Khage.
Currently Harlyn would rather Khage didn't bother her. 
I am constantly telling Khage how much she loves him, hoping he doesn't already recognize that shes kinda not that into him. I think there are so many reasons to blame for this; when he holds her he squeezes her and he has this thing about not so gently rubbing her face with, what Brad calls, his big ol' paws. Then there was that time that he lugged her around like a caveman. Sister was only seven days old when he took her out of her swing and hauled her to the couch where he was fixing to hold her. We caught him just as he was securing a comfortable spot for himself before he was set to drag her onto his lap. After we did a quick scan of her body for damage, we couldn't help but laugh. And all the while this darn narcoleptic didn't even bother to wake up, he could of dropped her and she still wouldn't have come out of her milk induced coma. In fact were not even sure he didn't drop her, or carry her upside down, or drag her by her legs. Poor thing has no idea what is in store for her being that boy's little sister. Sorry Harlyn, your brothers kind of a neanderthal. But a very sweet and loving neanderthal.

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Nana said...

So adorable.....