Monday, June 10, 2013

She's Here.

In all reality she has been here for three weeks and three days... but when you have a newborn reality slowly fades away and your replaced by a mindless breastfeeding, dinner making, house cleaning, diaper changing, toddler playing machine of a human being. My thoughts revolve around these two littles and things that used to seem so important, like brushing my teeth, quickly get thrown on the back burner. Not even joking, and totally disgusting, at one point I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth for TWO days. Yes, two whole days. Please don't hold it against me, I have then started brushing again. Cross my heart.
Back to my sweet girl, she's here and she's lovely. We are all so smitten with everything about her; the way her lips curl into those impish grins while she sleeps and the incredibly funky manner in which her hair stands straight up all on its own. We know she has passed the test and can stay as long as she wants because her big brother gave her the stamp of approval. Since she has arrived he has doted over her; sweetly placing random kisses on her face and begging us to let him hold her insistently through the day. And sometimes he doesn't even ask... but that's for another post.
We are so happy to welcome this beautiful girl into our family. She is truly a blessing and we have felt overwhelmed with gratitude from the moment she was placed in our arms. Our little family has never felt so complete. Harly Mae we love you through and through.


The Simpsons said...

I love her! So adorable! Can I just have her? I need to add a girl to my mix!

Fressia Vaughn said...

I see Khage! I see Khage in her!! She's so stinking pretty. (Not that Khage is pretty, he's pure little boy adorableness through and through).

Nana said...

Just love those pictures. Harlyn is such a cutie & you sure are doing such a great job with that camera. I sure hope that you are going to email Nana/Pappy & Nama/Pompa a few of those pics so that we can have them printed & put on our walls. hint hint