Monday, June 24, 2013

She's One Month Old

A few little facts about our sweet girl:
 She held her head up within minutes of her birth
Brad thinks she looks like a baby rhesus monkey
She has shoulders like a linebacker and they are covered with blonde fuzzy hair
She has flashed her adorable grin since the day she was born
She falls asleep the best with her face smashed right up against the boob
Her arms, fingers and legs are all so long for her little body
She makes a face like a whistler, with her mouth puckered into an O
She refuses to nurse if her head is covered, creating quite a predicament when she needs to eat in public
She cries just about every time Khage comes near her
She wakes up 1-2 times a night and every so often she spoils me and doesn't wake until morning
She is a super eater and Mommy is a super feeder, making us one incredible team
She cannot handle heat, breaking out in a heat rash within moments of being outside
Poor thing loves the outdoors but rarely gets to go out (see above)
She wont take a pacifier but loves to suckle
Just about every night, from 7 until she falls asleep, she is ticked at the world and doesn't know why
She clenches her fingers in the tightest little fists making it impossible for us to force her to hold our fingers
and we cannot believe she is only one month old and yet we feel like we have loved her forever.

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