Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Letter to Woody

You are one lucky toy. You get played with more then anything else that Khage owns. At first I felt sorry for you because of the abuse you take on everyday from this rambunctious boy. You have been buried in the sand, soaked with the hose and ran over by his scooter. You are filthy, stained and your poor cowhide vest is fading. You look well over a few years old and yet he has had you less then two months. He begs me to let you in the bath with him, and as much as you need a good bathing, I don't think you soaking up his dirty bath water will help you smell any better. And I now get the constant request that you be strapped into a seat belt whenever you accompany us to the store. You were gifted to Khage from Harlyn on the day she was born, an attempt at easing the change that came along with getting a new sibling and I think it has worked wonderfully. Khage quickly attached himself to you, with the buddy system in full affect since the day you were freed from your box. You sleep with him during the night, sometimes you accompany us during dinner, I don't doubt that one day you will vacation with us as well. But then there are days that you get benched, he will set you down somewhere and days will pass before you are played with again and I will think your sweet friendship has finally come to end. I figure the bond between boy and toy has finally dwindled but its never too long before he has picked you right up and you are back to being lovingly abused. I have come to realize that the happiest toys are the ones that are worn and tattered by constant use, if battle wounds are proof of love then you cowboy are one loved toy. You truly got a friend in him.

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