Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Things Never Change

With every holiday that comes and goes my sentimental heart likes to take a little jog down memory lane. I like to ponder what it was that we were doing that exact day, just one year ago. Recently I played this little mind game on the Fourth of July, and it is amazing all that can change in 365 days. Last year we had just moved back to Arizona from Texas. Since then we had bought our first home. We added a new addition to our little family. I gained ten pounds. Brad lost more hair. And Khage... well it seems he is still walking around a few garments short of an outfit.
Although he did upgrade from a diaper to some very patriotic under-roos.

 July 4th, 2012
July 4th, 2013
It seems that in one year a whole heck of a lot can change... while other things stay exactly the same. Next year I vow to make sure he is fully dressed on this holiday, if not for the sake of this blog then purely just out of respect for this country. I guess he could always argue that he rocks a modest birthday suit on this fair nations birthday. To that I say nice try but no sparkler.


The Simpsons said...

And we must not forget about the rain boots! On an absolute non rainy day in Arizona! Love it!

Michaela McEwen said...

Lol Jamee, you are adorable ;) congrats on such a sucessful year babe!