Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Buttons, Buttons, She's Pushing My Buttons

Remember a few days ago when I was gloating about my amazing daughter? I was like a proud mama bird with my chest all pushed up and my feathers all puffed out. I couldn't get over her perfection, and frankly I needed a reality check. No kid is perfect. For those of you that cant hear me all the way in the back, let me repeat myself: NO KID IS PERFECT. And just when you start thinking crazy like that kids will always put you in your place, they have a very funny unfunny way of making you eat your words. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason at all Harly has taken it upon herself to push my buttons. Big, little, circle, square, and even the red button with the caution sign on it... She's pushing them all. She has been fighting me on naps, wiggling out of my apparently pathetic swaddle jobs, and doing this back arch thing that makes it nearly impossible for me to hold onto her. There is only one way to really ever look at your child as if they are truly perfect... and that is when they are lying quietly asleep.
And my goodness do you see that fair skin on this girl? Is it just me or did I give birth to a baby Nicole Kidman? I would say her complexion is simply perfect but then she just might breakout in hives tomorrow to prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

hope her hair stays red..Nana

lady_luck said...

Lol, welcome to the club! Having girls is SO different from boys!!