Thursday, August 29, 2013

Freedom in the Outdoors

Nothing brings out your inner bushwoman like breastfeeding your baby in the woods. How is that for an opener? Let us allow that statement to set the tone for this post.

Our little fambam took to the wilderness last weekend for some pleasant weather, outdoor adventures and that good old fashioned campfire smell. We played in the dirt, took little hikes, Brad earned some good mother nature juju points for  saving a crawdad from the tangles of some fishing line, Khage got within arms reach of a few chipmunks, Harlyn experienced her first night slumbering in a sleeping bag and I strolled ever so closely behind an elk. While all those wonderful things happened I can honestly sit here and tell you that one single thing topped them all: I nursed Harlyn openly and freely in the great outdoors.

If you have yet to provide your baby with an all day eating buffet in the wilderness, you should know I highly recommend it. Its extremely therapeutic. I have had nursing problems with all of my kids. All two of them.

Spoiler alert: if you don't want to hear about my milk supply, leaky boobs or nursing issues then I recommend you jump ahead to the pictures and ignore all commentary.

I will save you from the soggy details, just know this: my milk is bound to hit you in the face if your within a foot of me while I nurse. True story. Ask Brad and Khage, those poor suckers now know to keep their distance. In addition my babies are/were both unlatchers... unlatching every few suckles to gulp some air. The price you pay for making milk by the gallons; when it flows it gets intense and apparently babies don't like to get drowned by their Mommy's heavy let down. So while I'm over here fumbling my boobs and soaking my babies it is quite impossible to remain covered; it gets all spring break while I'm nursing. Everybody's gettin' flashed. So nursing openly outside of the confinements of my own home is nearly impossible. But in the wilderness, the trees don't care and the breeze is embraced. It was magical and glorious, and I anxiously await the next camping trip for this sole purpose. My inner Pocahontas wants to out.

See that Mama elk above, she knows where its at. Nursing her baby while a car full of people are staring right at her. No shame. She's livin' my dream.