Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mama's Little Girl

Harlyn is nothing short of amazing.

Before she was born, before I found out she was a she, and even when I was unknowingly pregnant with her I always said I hope I don't have a daughter. And in an attempt at having to avoid sending her off to therapy one day, that will be the last time you ever hear me utter those shameful words again. From this point on she will only know me as the sweet mommy that always wanted her. Yes that makes me a liar liar sweatpants on fire, and yet I think going to therapy to cure the damage done from your mother being a liar is going to be substantially less then trying to get over the fact that your mother originally wished you to be a boy.

So with that nonsense out of the bag then shoved right back in, lets get back to Harlyn being amazing. And she totally and completely is. She has this smile that sends my heart into a mini seizure and makes me wonder what ever I could have done so right as to be rewarded with such a girl. She is less then three months old and I envy her happy spirit. I have often times told Brad that she is my hero; when I grow up I want to be just like her. She is blissfully cheerful, with joy running through her little body and beautifully crazy hair that only adds to her charm. Her happiness is incredibly contagious. Don't get me wrong she can also be challenging, I want to sit here and tell you all the rotten things she does so you don't snub your own babies, but nothing currently comes to mind. Oh wait, the girl is a booger factory. She always has a booger or two flapping away in both of her nostrils and it drives me silly, but she never gives me grief for picking them. Did that just happen? I'm afraid it did. I tried to call her out on a character flaw and instead turned it into a compliment. I am obviously her biggest fan. And you would too if she looked at you the way Harly looks at me; with pure unconditional baby girl love. Exactly what I always wanted.

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Nana said...

What a cute pic...she is so cute